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We offer a full range of products from halal and non-halal chilled and frozen meat and poultry cuts, seafood, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry provisions, bonded stores and consumable goods.

For clients in the Cruise Ship, Oil and Gas Exploration industries, we offer expert service in shipping provisions (chilled, frozen, dry) to various ports by air or sea freight.

As a valued-added service for our Cruise Ship clients, we provide expertise in clearing and delivering in-bound containers (chilled, frozen, dry, bonded, hotel inventory) to their ships at minimum fees. We bill all other charges at cost and provide the required supporting documents.

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Food Services Lines

Seafood, Fresh and Frozen

Frozen crustaceans
Alaska king crab cluster, soft shell crab, flower crab, crab meat, langoustines, scrampi, lobster whole (raw and cooked), lobster tail, shrimps – shell on, P&D cooked IQF, P&D Raw IQF, etc

Frozen molluscs
USA scallop, NZ half-shell mussel, Chilean whole black mussel meat, whole clam, clam meat, etc

Local fresh fish – whole and fillet (on ice)
Barramundi, blue nose emperor, coral trout, grouper, king fish, snapper, sea bream, etc

Frozen local and imported fish – whole and fillet
Barramundi, emperor, cod, dover sole, coral trout, grouper, hake, haddock, mahi mahi, halibut, king fish, monkfish tail, pacific dory, red snapper, sea bream, swordfish loin, tuna loin, turbot, whiting, etc

Fresh and Frozen Produce

Fresh fruit
A good variety of both local and imported fruits like apples, bananas, berries, citrus fruits, coconut, grapes, guava, mangosteen, melons, pineapple, stone fruits, etc are readily available

Frozen fruits
Apricot, berry mix, blackberries, chestnut, cranberries, fig, mango cubes, raspberries, redcurrants, red sour morello cherries, rhubarbs and strawberries

Fresh vegetables
A good variety of both local and imported vegetables like asparagus, beans, cabbages, carrot, celery, leafy vegetables, lettuces, mushrooms, peppers, onions, potatoes and squash, tomatoes etc are readily available

Frozen vegetables
Artichoke, asparagus, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, corn, french fries, green peas, hashbrown, mixed vegetables, okra, onion, potato croquettes, spinach


Bourbon – Imported
Brandy – Imported
Cognac – Imported
Gin – Imported
Liqueurs – Imported
Rum – Imported
Scotch Whiskey – Imported
Vodka – Imported
Wine – Imported
Beer – Local and international
Cigar – Imported
Cigarettes – Imported
Soda – Local and international
Water – Local and international
Slop chest


Salted and unsalted in bulk, retail and portion pack

Variety of hard and soft cheese from Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom

Fresh and UHT – Dairy and non dairy. Variety of fresh cream and low fat sour cream

Fresh, frozen and boiled hen eggs and quail eggs

Fresh and UHT milk – Skimmed, low fat, full cream and lactose free
Fresh and UHT soya milk – Sweetened and unsweetened

Fresh and UHT in bulk pack, single serve, full cream, low fat, non-fat and sugar free

Frozen Meat

Hotel and catering grades beef cut and offal from Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South America and USA

Hotel and catering grades lamb cut and offal from Australia and New Zealand

Mutton cuts from Australia and New Zealand

Pork cuts from Brazil, Canada, Europe and USA
Suckling pig from Europe

Chicken – Whole and parts from Brazil, Europe and USA
Chicken – Whole Corn Fed from France
Duck – Whole and parts from Denmark, France and Malaysia
Turkey – Whole and parts from USA

Veal cut and offal from Australia, Holland and New Zealand

Guinea fowl – France
Pheasant – Australia
Pigeon – France
Quail – Boneless and bone-in from USA
Spatchcock – Australia
Squab whole – Australia
Rabbit – Whole and part from USA

Processed Meat
Bacon, ham, gammon, gold cuts, sausages – All types precooked and raw



A wide selection of international brand are readily available

Baking products
Beverages and beverage bases
Bread products
Dressings, gravies and sauces
Extracts, flavors and coloring
Fish and seafood, canned
Fountain products, syrup
Fruits, canned
Jams, jellies and preserves
Juices, canned and tetra pack
Meats, canned
Oils and shortening
Olives, pickles and relishes
Pasta, dry
Pie filling and pudding
Portion control packs
Soup and soup bases
Snack food
Spices and condiments
Vegetables canned