Food is fascinating. It’s such a basic, fundamental human right to have access to it. When denied this access, humanity decries it a tragedy, and rightfully so!

At the same time, food transcends fundamentals. It captivates the senses so deeply and beyond to fantastic imaginations. It excites, exhilirates and empowers, sometimes beyond reason – recall brutal celebrity chefs with their violent-like behaviours on television shows that we should revile but instead often revere, even adore.

In Singapore, we regularly traverse the country to end up queueing and waiting no end just to spoon into our mouths servings from some often nondescript hawker. The more infamous but word-of-mouth authentic and renowned, the more eagerly we subject ourselves to this activity.  Chances are we’d get abused, our orders gruffly taken as if we, the paying customer, were a nuisance. When served, dishes are unceremoniusly dumped on the table spilling delicious, precious gravies. Ask for another serving of their unique chilli-garlic sauce, more soup … Do you have a death wish? It’s crazy. And we love it.

As our name Sofresh Offshore Supply suggests, we are not food caterers or that infamous but authentically renowned nondesript hawker stall (we don’t abuse our customers!). But we do have the pleasure of serving professionals who use the top quality ingredients and food products we supply them to perform culinary magic: chefs (and some celebrity ones) on board cruise ships who prepare 16,000 perfect meals a day* (more on bigger ships); master cooks and line cooks on oil rigs and all kinds of vessels who cook up a storm everyday to keep the strength and morale of their crew up, and all other emo-psycho-storms down; on/off-shore caterers we supply who in turn keep their customers well-nourished and happy. Reflecting on the profound impact a well-prepared hot meal has in maritime history both in times of war and peace, it dawns on me writing this very first entry what an honour and privilege we have had these past 10 years serving our clients. We depend on them for our business to thrive. And they depend on us to keep steaming ahead.

The revamp and relaunch of our website has been long in the planning and design, and a lot of gratitude must go to our web design agency – MAKE8NICE who have been brilliant in both aesthetic and functional vision, as well as promptness and accuracy of response. Not unlike the expectations our clients have of us, and the environment we operate in of quick-turnarounds-and-still-must-solve-everything in delivering promises and meeting needs. So we do know to whom, when and where we give our appreciation.

So, it’s time for a clink of bubbly – Cheers! And from here, again we go!

* The Queen Mary 2, which Sofresh supplies when she calls at Singapore, serves between 14,000-16,000 meals a day (source:


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