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SoFresh Offshore Supply has been serving clients since 2005. We are a supplier of quality food products and consumables specially tailored to the Cruise Ship, Oil and Gas Exploration, Mining, and Onshore/Offshore Catering industries.

Our Motto

“Sell like you would like to be sold to; Talk like you would like to be spoken to; Deal like you would like to be dealt with; Create for others what you would like created for you”.

Why Clients Choose Us

The relationship we have with our clients is carefully built over many years of serving them, and is based on our dependability and the top quality of food products and consumable goods that we deliver to them each time, every time.

Haccp Certified


HACCP Certified

We take pride in being HACCP certified because we recognise the importance of food safety
and ensuring all provisions we supply are safe for human consumption.

Blog Posts:


Hollywood has been retelling a few children’s stories and fairy tales. Writers and their studios have given these much-loved fables a contemporary update, and in the modernising have injected adult-appropriate drama and darker themes in their storytelling. I suppose that makes them more marketable to present audiences. Disney’s Maleficient (2014) is based on Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Warriors Of Witchcraft (both 2013) make the original gingerbread cottage look like a lame and too-sweet dessert, and it’s Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) instead of my childhood’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves harmonising “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…” This year’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War, a Snow White spin-off, doesn’t even reference poor Snowy, her plot’s become irrelevant. Would I watch it? Yes, it should be exciting!   Frankly, I wasn’t thinking of movies at first. I was thinking of plums. And that’s because here at Sofresh, we deliver a lot of plums to our clients, especially the cruise ships. They consume a lot of plums on their voyages, and so always order a lot of the fruit from us. And plums made me recollect a childhood rhyme, the one that goes: Little Jack Horner, Sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said “What a good boy am I!” And this rhyme was strange enough to make me think of those movies I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Odd, circular thinking, I know.   I’d always wondered what that strange rhyme meant. Earliest references to it date to 1725 in England as a ballad by a Henry...


I have fond memories of the Taman Serasi Food Centre. It’s long gone, demolished years ago in the name of urban development, and possibly modern food hygiene standards, I’d not be surprised. It used to be opposite the Singapore Botanic Gardens, across the road from where the garden’s grand gates now stand at the junction of Napier Road and Cluny Road. My mind recalls it as a small, cozy food centre with wonderful Malay fare and a drink stall that sold simply fantastic soursop juice.   Soursop – a.k.a. graviola, custard apple, brazilian paw paw, cherimoya and guanabana – isn’t sour at all, at least not to me. I love it for its sweet taste and the soft-chewy texture of its white flesh. On a warm day, like so many of Singapore’s days are, very few things can refresh and quench a thirst like a big mug of icy-cold soursop juice. And after you’ve drank all that delicious nectar, to then spoon up from the bottom of the mug and eat the soft sweet flesh of the soursop is just sublime.   For some time now, there’s been a fair bit of discussion on soursop being an alternative treatment for cancer due to it’s so-claimed powerful cancer-fighting abilities. Some have called the soursop a cancer stopper, attributing it to be up to 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy at killing cancer cells, and even having the ability to selectively target and destroy certain types of cancer cells while leaving normal healthy cells alone. Others have alluded to stories of the natives of the Amazon who have consumed the leaves...

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