Who We Are

Sofresh Offshore Supply has been serving clients since 2005. We are a supplier of quality food products and consumables specially tailored to the Cruise Ship, Oil and Gas Exploration, Mining, and Onshore/Offshore Catering industries.

Our Motto

“Sell like you would like to be sold to; Talk like you would like to be spoken to; Deal like you would like to be dealt with; Create for others what you would like created for you”.

Why Clients Choose Us

The relationship we have with our clients is carefully built over many years of serving them, and is based on our dependability and the top quality of food products and consumable goods that we deliver to them each time, every time.

Haccp Certified


HACCP Certified

We take pride in being HACCP certified because we recognise the importance of food safety
and ensuring all provisions we supply are safe for human consumption.

Blog Posts:


I remember as a kid in primary school, we had art lessons using cut vegetables and fruits dipped in paint to make colourful prints. Art lessons in schools these days may be more high-tech, but back in the day we worked more with our hands and with common everyday...


It’s said that Christopher Columbus called papaya the “fruit of the angels”. Well that’s not too hard to believe. The massive amount of vitamin C in a single papaya fruit could imaginably lead to one having an acute case of longevity. And everyone knows that angels...

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