“Lemon tree, very pretty; and the lemon flower is sweet. But the fruit of the poor lemon, is impossible to eat.” I don’t know why these lyrics have been playing repeatedly in my head the last few days. They’re from the song “Lemon Tree” by Peter, Paul and Mary, recorded and released in 1962 – way before my time! Perhaps it’s to nudge me to write about lemons for this week’s article. And actually, why not? Post-Lunar New Year, lemons can be great for recovery. And also, maybe after writing about lemons, I can finally get the song out of my head!


One common after effect of the busy Lunar New Year schedule visiting numerous relatives’ and friends’ homes is fatigue. At least for me, I’m usually worn out post-Lunar New Year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that people like me enough to invite me their homes, and I do really appreciate that! Lunar New Year is such a great time to enjoy meeting and catching up with one’s relatives and friends, especially those whom you don’t get the chance to see regularly.


But all the festivities, hustle and bustle, and constant snacking at each home visited does take a toll, and I feel it even more as I get older with each new year. I have to confess, I’ve needed some help getting back on my feet the last few Lunar New Years.


And so now, I’d like to share with everyone a fantastic post-Lunar New Year recovery and pick-me-up trick that works wonders for me: lemons!


Lemons are easy to find, and compared with some of the other popular commercial booster pills, advertised elixirs and what-nots, are not at all expensive to buy. What’s more, the “poor” lemon is actually very rich in nutrients and wholesome goodness.


Lemons naturally contain hydrating electrolytes, very much like sports drinks (eg. 100Plus, Pocari, Gatorade, etc). As such, lemons are not only great for quenching thirst, they’re good for countering fatigue or recovering from exhaustion too. And lemons also contain nutrients that keep joints healthy and strong, and reduce joint and muscle aches – perfect for recovering from being on your feet and moving around so much during the Lunar New Year season.


Furthermore, lemons contain citric acid, which stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, boosts metabolism, and in turn improves digestion and prevents (or helps in the recovery from) indigestion: a common occurrence during the Lunar New Year season from the high likelihood of over-eating.


In fact, a recommended relieve for heartburn is to drink a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice added to eight ounces (about 240ml) of water. You’ll want to be careful not to add too much lemon juice so as to not make the stomach too acidic.


Lemons are well known for having properties to help soothe sore throats and relieve tonsil inflammation. And lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which provides a boost to the body’s immune system to fight infections and prevent falling ill, or to aid in a speedy recovery if one is already ill.


Another great thing contained in lemons are antioxidants, which can help neutralise free radicals in one’s blood system, and can lead to one having a healthier cardiovascular system.


Lemons are an item that Sofresh commonly supplies to all our cruise ship, commercial vessel and oil rig clients. Actually, it’s an item the quantity of which we supply I’ve lost count of. Suffice to say that it’s A LOT!


Lemons are really wonderful not just for post-Lunar New Year recovery, but also for daily consumption. Perhaps this can be something that’s worth making into a healthy everyday habit: add slices of fresh lemon to warm or room temperature water, in a jug or your water bottle, to drink throughout the day. At home, at work or at play outdoors, this can keep you hydrated, power-up your metabolism, and level-up your immune system. Surely those are good things to have this new year.


Ahhh… I can already sense the peacefulness replacing that song in my head. Till the next time, keep well everyone!


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