Christmas is a time for people to come together. And food is a way for people to come together. So, putting the time and the way together, we have a pretty good explanation why this time of the year is really the season for precious fellowship, joy, laughter, love and very full tummies.


This past fortnight, and this week in particular, has been especially hectic for all of us at Sofresh. It’s to be expected as all our clients’ cruise ships are stocking up to throw huge lead-up celebrations and Christmas parties for their passengers and crew out there on the high seas. We’ve had more loadings than normal even for our peak season, and each loading has also been heavier than usual. In addition to the regular must-have fresh produce, meats and seafood, food and beverage products, and hotel consumables, we’ve had the pleasure to supply lots of fun stuff like Christmas trees, all sorts of beautiful decorations, confetti poppers, and so on. And why not? It’s certainly the season for lots of fun!


Come to think of it, food plays such an important and central role in almost all human social activity. Aside from celebrations and parties, many new friendships are introduced and made over meals. Love blossoms into life-long relationships of marriage and starting families from courtships that with certainty involve romantic dates and nice meals. Lots of deals are negotiated and sealed over meals shared between business counterparts. And wisdom suggests that feelings are soothed, and disputes settled and put to rest while meeting and seeing eye-to-eye again at the dining table. It’s undeniable – food is a crucial factor in our human condition, connections, reconciliation and enjoyment.


With increased orders to be fulfilled this Christmas time, we’ve been extra busy and careful to ensure everything’s coordinated smoothly and that all our clients’ needs are met so they in turn can keep their guests onboard happy. Despite the increased busyness here at Sofresh, there’s an added sense of satisfaction and work-related joy for us, knowing what we do will contribute to the celebrations, good feelings, coming together and bonding between people familiar with each other or whom have just met while cruising on the same ship.


And it’s not only our cruise ship clients that have been keeping us merrily busy. Our oil and gas clients, and also our commercial ship clients have been stocking up on extra F&B supplies including some Christmas goodies too. It’s wonderful that their staff and crew will be taking some time off to get together, celebrate and bond at this time of the year, especially as they work so hard, and sometimes in brutal conditions, throughout most of the year.


For us, it’ll be a rare Christmas long weekend break with no cruise ships to load – they’ll all be out at sea celebrating. It’ll be a precious time for us to be with our loved ones, families and friends having our own celebrations, fun and relaxation that we too have been looking forward to.


At least until next week, when we’ll dive back into the busy-groove again supplying our clients as they prepare to celebrate the New Year.


Right now, it’s time for all of us at Sofresh Offshore Supply to wish everyone a joyous season filled with blessings, love and merry-making. Peace, good health and good cheer to all mankind on earth (and on the seas) – Merry Christmas!


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  1. Ben,

    The New Year will be even better and all your hard work will not be in vain.

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
    (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)

    Happy New Year to you and family and all at Sofresh.

    Uncle Eddie

    • Amen! Thanks Uncle Eddie, and a very blessed and happy new year to you and the family too!


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