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SoFresh Offshore Supply has been serving clients since 2005. We are a supplier of quality food products and consumables specially tailored to the Cruise Ship, Oil and Gas Exploration, Mining, and Onshore/Offshore Catering industries.

Our Motto

“Sell like you would like to be sold to; Talk like you would like to be spoken to; Deal like you would like to be dealt with; Create for others what you would like created for you”.

Why Clients Choose Us

The relationship we have with our clients is carefully built over many years of serving them, and is based on our dependability and the top quality of food products and consumable goods that we deliver to them each time, every time.

Haccp Certified


HACCP Certified

We take pride in being HACCP certified because we recognise the importance of food safety
and ensuring all provisions we supply are safe for human consumption.

Blog Posts:


I watched cartoons a lot when I was young, in fact every one that was available on TV. There wasn’t the variety then that there is now, and we certainly didn’t enjoy internet on demand. But what we lacked in choice, I think, was made up for with wholesome, meaningful programming. Back then, one could still pick up some positive values from cartoon shows, like the good guys always win, bad guys never get away with lying, cheating and bullying, and so on. I’ve tried watching modern cartoon shows, and usually come away wondering what I’d just allowed my eyeballs to be abused by.   One cartoon I remember loving was Popeye The Sailorman. He was a pretty affable fellow, short in stature but with oversized forearms like canons. He spoke with a funny accent, had an infectious chuckle, smoked a pipe, and would do anything for his girlfriend, Olive. The baddy in the show, Brutus, also had a thing for Olive, and would thus be at loggerheads with Popeye. But Brutus wasn’t likeable like Popeye was, and each time that big bully pushed our hero too far, he’d empty a can of spinach into his mouth, which made his muscles bulge, and from there it was exciting to see what kind of whooping he’d give Brutus. Popeye taught me the importance of eating spinach, and that’s a good value, right?   Here at SoFresh, we get huge orders for spinach from our cruise ship clients. That’s not surprising, because spinach is a comparatively cheap vegetable, it’s abundantly available, extremely versatile in usage, and a superpower when it comes...


There are some things in life that are Black-Or-White; things proven beyond a shadow of doubt to either be or not be, no maybe. Such things are regarded as universal truths: facts that hold firm regardless of who you are, whom you may think yourself to be, which country you’re in, or whether you’re intoxicated or not. The point is you don’t matter in this. One just doesn’t mess around, such as trying to put gravity to the test by jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet without a parachute. If you don’t have a chute that works, gravity will certainly do its job!   But I’m very glad that most other things in life are not black-or-white. I’m not talking about grey areas, like arguing the technicalities that get criminals off the hook as we see on TV lawyer shows, or discussing the meaning of life. I’m simply appreciating all the colours that surround us daily in the world, in such abundant splendour that helps us enjoy our lives that much better and more.   For this week’s blog, I’m focusing on the colours red and yellow, and with particular reference to a very common – and nutritiously yummy – thing: tomatoes.   This week’s article bagan a couple of months ago as a tiny seed of a question in my mind: red and yellow tomatoes look lovely, and both are especially beautiful when presented on the vine. But is there a difference between them, and if so, what? And also which is better? Finally earlier this week, my research began.   Where red and yellow tomatoes...

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